DC drive controlled with ir sensors

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Hello I am kindly asking if there is a module I can control a DC motor with Ir sensors to move forward or reverse

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Can you be more specific in terms of how it controls it, and what triggers the IR sensor? But you would basically need a microcontroller that takes the input, like an Arduino. Then, the uC controls an H bridge which is connected to the PS and controls the motor. This is assuming it's a DC motor. Here is one that should work, and would also allow you to add a second motor. Or you can search H bridge and make sure it can handle at least 24V and however many amps. https://www.amazon.com/DROK-Control...1?keywords=h+bridge+24v&qid=1573150068&sr=8-1


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If you are going to use an Arduino, here is a shield that piggybacks on many Arduino models and simplified done wiring aspects. It also supports up to 4 motors for less that 6USD.