DC-DC Forward convertor

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    Jul 10, 2015
    Hello everybody,

    I wanna design to a forward convertor with these spec;

    Input Voltage= 50 to 150 V
    Input Power= 75 W
    i desired to efficency 0.8
    so my output power= 60 W @12V, @5Amper
    there is my calculations for turn ratio and output inductor;

    and i used turn ratio 1.5/1

    Vout=dutycycle*inputvoltage*ratio of transformer
    12=duty*150*1.5 @150V minimum duty cycle=0.053

    question 1) why my output voltage and current aren't proper my calculatings
    question 2) why input current flow from input voltage source is too high

    my LTspice model and output waves in attachments;
    forfor.PNG forfor.PNG