datasheet help needed - CS6422

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    Hi guys

    I am looking at this datasheet here:
    Page 9, what is network line in, and network line out? Say I am connecting it to a device, do I connect it to a line in and line out of the other device?

    Thanks guys!!

    edit: ok, it looks like it should connect to a telephone line, so I assume I can't connect those to a line in and line out of a device??
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  2. Externet

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    API is input. To feed a 'line' level signal there will have to be very attenuated to about 5mV.
    AO is output, near or at 'line' level.
    But that chip takes a microcontroller or digital data to enable things and work properly.
  3. MrCarlos

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    Jan 2, 2010
    Hello bug13

    Let's say you have two CS5422. Each has its microphone and speaker.
    One north side and one south side.
    To communicate between them you have to connect:
    PIN 4 North Side. PIN 17 South Side.
    PIN 4 South Side. PIN 17 North Side.
    Those same two lines would be connected to the telephone network.
    But be careful because when a Ring signal arrives, the voltage can rise to over 120 V peak to peak.
    You can also connect a third CS5422 to that network. Or n- CS5422’s.

    All this telephone system must be controlled by a microprocessor.

    N-PIN-4 ---> S-PIN-17
    S-PIN-4 ---> N-PIN-17