DAC trouble with finding parts

NRND means that the part is heading toward obsolete status. This usually preceeds a Last Time Buy status. NLA is no longer available, BUT sometimes some stock is available to customers who have purchased previosly.

NRND means that once the supply is exhausted, there will be no more.

A certain potentiometer ( 2 Meg ohms) (foot print) I used for a design isn;t available any more, BUT I can get it if I satisfy the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).


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thanks, do you think it would be noticable when i choose for a 5% tollerance in stead of 1%?
I think i'm gonna save money on the resistors and capacitors, except the Rg and Rf.
The designer would know better, but not being in a position to second-guess the designer I would note that 1% resitors are more expensive than other types but besides being more accurate they are more stable and have lower excess noise than do other types. The designer probably specified 1% resistors because they are necessary to meet the specifications he signed up to. You can try 5% parts and change to 1% if you don't like the performance. Personally I would not spend the time and just rely on the wisdom of the designer.

what do you mean with 'not reccomended for new designs'. Are they made for one typical design?
Going by what KeepItSimpleStupid (KISS) said, if you are only going to buy one time, such as for a personal project then it is ok to buy the one that is not recommended for new products, but I would buy spares against the day a failure occurs. If you are going into production or your client is going into production then steer clear otherwise you will find yourself buying on the gray market to fill production needs -never a good idea.

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hello everyone,

I have searched for a SPI fash programmer and found the: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/USB-...lgo_pvid=079df6ac-4237-487f-84c1-65e12788a980
With this adapter so that I can use it for smd chips:

Can I use these products for the IS25LQ016B-JNLE?
I just want to be sure :) Don't like it to wait 1 mounth for something what doesn't work after al :p

PS. why are there so many the same products with other prices on aliexpress? should I just go for the 'expensive' one?

thanks for the reply
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