cyano acrylate (super glue) to metal junctions

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Attaching to metal surface with super glue is not always successful and as such is not easy.

Often voids remain, when stress forces propagate among the voids at first, the rest of the junction is levered out quite easily and the bonding fails.
Also if larger amounts are used, the glue can remain liquid for very long time. Moving it repeatedly will produce voids and pieces of brittle glue.

After two years I checked on this piece, a power LED atttached to a shell from a DVD drive.

On the top side it also has small coolers and the LED is hold in place wth No more nails putty. The junction is in very good condition, no damages, separation or cracks of any kind.

A method I have derived is to add gasoline to the superglue. The glue is thinned and spreads out into all voids and cracks.
As well the gasoline evaporates, cools down the surface and this condensates moisture! As superglue is quite hygroscopic this quickly hardens out the glue, to an extent it actually heats up.