Cutting parts of addressable LED strips out

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Hey guys,
i'm a beginner and a BIG Noob.
My WS2812B (Here is the link) led strip is only working to led number 55,
then there is a LED which is always on and red, as long if there is power to the strip.
All the other leds are not working anymore.
Will the strip still function properly if i just cut the led at the red led and solder it back together, but without the led which is always red?
thanks in advance and fell free to ask if i shall provide you with more information,
Leo M

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hi I,
Welcome to AAC.
What are you driving the WS2812 Data line with and what voltage are you using.?

Added the full datasheet.
I use a microcontroller (NodeMCU 1.0) with the Arduino software to control the strip.
I power it with a 5v and 12A power adapter.
The strip worke for a few weeks now, only since yesterday it is not working.


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hi leo,
You say the last LED is always ON, so it could have failed and be holding the Data line, can you disconnect the last dead LED.?


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Thanks for the fast reply,
but I know that you can cut the strip and solder it together,
but can you just leave one part out and solder it together.
I'm wondering, because each led has an specific address and does the strip still function if
one address is not there anymore...?
The WS8212s have a data in and data out. The first 24 bits of RGB data is "consumed" by the first LED, then it becomes transparent, passing data to its data out. This connects to the next LED which does the same thing, using 24 bits, then passing the next data through its data out. This continues until data stops for an interval which resets the transparent operation and the process starts over.

This means it doesn't matter which place any particular LED is in, their physical connection determines their "address".


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Yakov has it exactly right. Just take out the bad device and reconnect the 3 wires.

Addressable is a misnomer here. They do not have addresses, just a position in the string.



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As I understand it, you must update your code with the number of LEDs.

(actually you should be ok, since you will be reducing the number of LEDs)
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