Custom ATMEGA2560

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Hello. This is my first custom ATMEGA 2560 board.
I need some advice whether this board work properly or not.
AVR Newbie needs your help!

This board contains these functions.

1. Compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 Bootloader & Arduino IDE.
2. Uploads compiled file using Arduino IDE through USB TYPE C port.
3. Able to read & write files in Micro sd card
4. Able to play music file through PAM8403 & Micro sd card.
5. Speaker will be 5W
6. Able to read data from MPU-6050
7. Able to read Current Battery Voltage through Analog pin. ( PF0(ACD0) )
8. Work with standalone 60V battery. ( Actually, It wil be around 48V )

I've connected LEDs to uart ports to check data communication.


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