1. F

    High temperature microcontroller

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a microcontroller to replace a Teensy 4.0. The problem is that the Teensy doesn't cope well with high temperatures. The specifications I'm looking for are as follows: - High maximum operating temperature, at least 125 degrees Celsius - Minimum 13-bit...
  2. C

    Driving motors with atmega

    Is this circuit okay to drive dc motors with atmega? While sending to one signal input other one will be grounded from microcontroller. If not okay what additions or substractions are needed to create ideal h-bridge for dc motors to drive with atmega?
  3. H

    Controlling DC-Motor from incremental Encoder pulse signals using ATmega88, C code

    I have given the following C-Code to test a 60V DC motor with [gear box ratio 16:1 and incremental encoder to see if the code calculates the speed by reading the Pulse signal as feedback for µcontroller from encoder. The µcontroller is ATmega88A-UA. The encoder RE56-3-1000-TI signals 1000 ppr...
  4. T

    How to interface SD card with Atmega32, with help of FatFs?

    HI everyone! First of all: I am using standalone Atmega32 (no arduino or such), Eclipse and C language. I been troubled with this for a while now, I looked thru lots of forums and sadly couldnt make it work. Right now my best idea is working on a sample project from...
  5. Danielsuri

    Brown-out detection with an external clock ATmega1280

    I'm using ATmega1280 with an external clock and I have some questions about the "safe operating area" for preventing EEPROM corruption with BOD. The external clock is: Crystals 14.7456MHz 18pF HC49S SMD by CITIZEN, without clock division. LINK to ATmega1280 datasheet In the datasheet of...
  6. M

    Custom ATMEGA2560

    Hello. This is my first custom ATMEGA 2560 board. I need some advice whether this board work properly or not. AVR Newbie needs your help! This board contains these functions. 1. Compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 Bootloader & Arduino IDE. 2. Uploads compiled file using Arduino IDE through USB...