current limiting circuit

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I am trying to design a current limiting circuit to power an RGB LED array.
Can somebody tell me if this circuit will work and if it doesn't how to improve it.
I planed to control the colors with an Arduino and three mosfets.
Thank you for helping me.

Current limiter.JPG


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You need to swap the values of R3 and R4 and swap the connections to pins 1 and 3 of the opamp (as drawn you have positive feedback) but apart from that it looks good to me.


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If you want to control the current with a ground based signal from an Arduino, then I suggest moving R2 between the MOSFET source and ground, and connect the (-) op amp input to the junction of the two.
The current will then equal the input voltage to the (+) op amp input divided by the value of R2.

That connection also minimizes any instability/oscillations due to the added open-loop gain the MOSFET adds in the original circuit.


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Between OpAmp output and input to MOSFET gate should have something like
100 ohms to kill the Cload on OpAmp. Or make sure the OpAmp is speced
as stable with a Cload = MOSFET gate C.

Note the phase margin of that OpAmp is speced at 100 pF, all the more reason
to use a R in series with gate to decouple all the gate C. Otherwise you will have
a great oscillator.

Regards, Dana.