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Your best answer would come from any moderator on the forums. Just shoot any of them a PM (Private Message). My thinking is no. With any load on a battery you simply measure the load current. With a load where the current may not be stable shoot for an average. Lets say I have a battery rated at 12 Volts 7.0 AH. That means with a 7.0 Amp load in theory my battery will last for 1.0 hour before the voltage drops. The same battery in theory would power a 14 amp load for 30 min or 1/2 hour. With a 0.5 amp load the battery will last for about 14 hours. I say in theory because with a heavy load like 7.0 amps I am not likely to see one hour. Much depends on battery composition and age. You really only care about the load current and battery rating.



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"ping any of the moderators" I don't remember typing that but in general all moderators are here to help.

There is a list of moderators that are online somewhere but I can't find it now but Scott probably know where it is. @ScottWang Where is that list?