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I am trying to get my own CSI to the HDMI camera extension. I am using a raspberry pi v2.1 camera as that is good for Nvidia Xavier. With the basic code and connecting the CSI directly the camera works fine but as soon as my extender is introduced I am getting an issue.

I checked with and without the pull-up resistors, the only thing that changes is. Without Pull up:- the video port does not gets initialized but with the pull up it does get initialized.

Even have got the HDMI case attached to the ground. I am attaching our schematic and a portion of the layout. It would be great if someone can give me an idea of where I might be going wrong.



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Your CSI connector (15 pin): If it is the horizontal type, there are two subtypes: one has bottom contacts and the other has top contacts. Check against your 15 pin FFC cable (which can be type A or type B) that there is continuity along all pins, which will verify your cable type A/B is lined up properly with your CSI connector. If your CSI connector is a vertical type then again you can verify with a similar check.
Some vendors are sloppy with their pin numbering, so it is also possible that pin 1 and pin 15 are swapped around in the data sheet and that can also get you into a soup.