Crystal case grounding?


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The old school crystal cases had maybe 1 or 2 pf of case capacitance so the effectiveness of grounding the case for frequency stability increased as the frequency of the crystal increased. For the old tube type radios I worked on it was more for mechanical stability and EM shielding than absolute frequency stability.


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I was on a project that used a microcontroller, on the eve of on-chip RC clocks became a clocking option, consequently we use a crystal. The analog circuitry associated with the microcontroller is very sensitive to noise pickup, particularly a continuous signal. It turned out that one of the types of crystals we had in prototypes was doing a nice job of coupling the oscillator frequency into the analog circuit. Grounding the crystal can helped a lot.

To trebla's experience with watch crystals. Yep, it seems to me that some require more load capacitance than others. Grounding the can would add to the load capacitance.

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So grounding the can benefits:
mechanical support for the crystal,
Reducing interference from the crystal to the rest of the circuit, and vice versa.

Are there any disadvantages?


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I put a loop of wire around the case of watch crystals and solder it to PCB holes, but that's just to hold it in place until I can solder the leads.


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I have noticed that all the populated prototype/development boards from Microchip that I have, do not have the 32Khz or system crystal case bonded to GND. ;)
I have never grounded them on projects either.


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I find this hard to believe.
So was i when first time stucked to non-working 32 kHz crystal several years ago. I struggled with this crystal about week until i accidentally discovered that crystal shell grounding fixes the poblem. Not all 32kHz crystals behave similarly, even with same MCU. I have an Meterman/Amprobe simple contact thermometer which worked for years until stopped. I changed CR2032 cell but the thermometer was starting and then resetting shortly. After connecting crystal can to common wire it started normally and is in good shape today too. I have'nt found good explanation for it but i leave now for this type crystals small grounding area on PCBs.