Crimper for AMP 1.5 Super Seal

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I decided to use MUYI connectors. MUYI Connector First I thought I could use an SN-48B crimper. However, with that yellow "sealer" (see image below) the "insulation" becomes much thicker so I don't think an SN-48B crimper will work.

There is actually a crimper specifically for those connectors, i.e. Superseal Crimper However, that crimper is $65 on Amazon. Supposedly they have H2/H3 jaws. Those jaws could be bought on Amazon but each is $22 H2 jaw Are there any other crimpers that can handle those "connectors"? If not I would be willing to buy the jaws, though they don't even say with which crimpers those jaws work, i.e. IWISS, etc.