Creative Inspire M4500 model help

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Prasanna Nadagoud

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I have Creative Inspire M4500 model, there is no sound. the only Volume LED green color is ON, On and off switch is working. No sound at all.
checked bridge rectifiers it is also ok. When I press input jack two pins, getting very little sound. Guide me what needs to check. I am suspecting Sound two IC's. what do you think? Kindly let me know.


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Diagnosis is impossible without more detail. Try to post good pictures of the board, maybe something will be be visible. A schematic and service manual would be ideal. Have you searched for those documents at all? It can be hard or impossible to find but sometimes they're out there.

This appears to be a self-powered set of speakers. How certain are you that it is receiving a signal? Nothing in, nothing out.


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Also please post your experience. Can you work with a multimer, osciloscope, do you know which cable is what if this is powered by the mains, do you know you are risking your life by working on it and it will NOT be our fault if something happens!