Creative I-Trigue 3300 Male Pin out query

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OK so I have been scouring forums, websites, and images, and can't find any 'reliable' Pin outs for my Creative I-trigue 3300. I know the speaker system is old but I can't find anything that's within my price range that puts out the same quality these did. My volume control pod Male connector completely separated from the Brass ring and pins. And to boot it all When trying to remove the glue from the pin out I ended up damaging the wires too much to be able to see what goes where.

Does anyone have any idea where they go?

Also where can I purchase JUST a 9 pin din Male Connector? Vetco has one for a dollar but wants 7 dollars for shipping... (Which is ridiculous in my opinion when it's small enough you can put in an envelope and male it LOL Not the safest way of shipping but still.)
Hey there, did you figured out the Pin Out configuration? :)
I have kind of the same issue

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