Creative a200 switch on Bass without other supportive speakers.

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Hello, I have only bass box. Rest of the supporting boxes are.missing. I want to switch on the system. I saw the pcb which is used to switch on and control volume. I don't have that. I read that pin 3 and 6 are the input and output power sockets. Can I short them.and give audio signals that board and get the output?

Do I have to short the pin using any resister? I need some.input on this. Attached whatever data is available from net. I just want to know how can switch on the system without the other circuit. Other circuit is attached in the zip file but I don't have it. Any help is much appreciated.



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You need to open that zip file, which may result in having a circuit diagram that can me examined and some useful advice being obtained. otherwise there is not enough information available to offer any useful advice. It appears that this box requires an external power source, but what that may be is not clear.