Countdown timer with 7 segment display

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Marius Jernin Jaen

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Hi team,

I am actually new to this forum and i would just like to know if there is a circuit available that would count down and is showing its progress on a 7 segment that doesn't use a microcontroller unit (Arduino, PIC, etc.)
In any case, I've tried to recreate the circuit available on the timer proposed on this thread:
however i haven't made any progress so far when it comes to pausing the timer and or resetting it to a default value.

To summarize, I need help with:
1. Countdown timer (preferably 10 mins) with 7 segment displays [MM:SS]
2. Doesn't use arduino and the likes
3. Has pause and reset function to a default value

4. adjustable time in terms of it minutes


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You can use an up/down BCD counter such as the CD4029 which can be preset to any desired BCD number.
You can display the counter BCD number with a BCD to 7-segment decoder.
Here's a list of CMOS 4000 series parts that includes several such decoders.


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If you're referring to this circuit, then you have to add in the 10 min timer and the button inputs.

Countdown Timer cropped.png

As that poster used it for scoreboard display. It has 2 identical parts. You just have to make half of the circuits.