Could anyone tell me what this component is?

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Hi everyone.

I've come across a medium-small size power transformer which has a pair of components in the primary wires, which just seem like joints (but, look externally like LEDs, covered by heat-shrink sleeves).

Could anyone tell me what their role is?

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Agree. The cord's wires are brown and green; the transformer's are blue and blue. The conversion occurs in the "item" shown. Take off the heat shrink from one and you will get a better idea. The wires are probably twisted, inserted into a ferrule, and crimped.


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You can also get a similar item but without the internal connector, they are similar shape but bulb shaped to cover inline crimp ring connectrs that take nut and screw fastner, this makes them easy to disconnect and are often used in motor terminal boxes where the configuration may be changed or the motor disconnected and the wires exiting the motor should not be cut to disconnect.