Correct way to connect a power supply 120 ac to 12 vdc

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Ok then. I am a rank amateur just an old one. I have a meanwell RS15-12 power supply that puts out 12vdc at 1.3 amps and I want to use it to power a arduino uno.
The spec sheet shows 120vac 0.35 a. I am assuming (never good) that it means amps. So I am connecting it to a 120 vac outlet on a 15 amp breaker should I do any thing to limit the incoming amperage or NOT?
Does any thing about this sound like a bad idea?



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The load will draw only the current it needs. If it has a problem, the supply will protect itself. Its overload protection is set to a minimum of 105% of the rated output current. Somewhere (unknown) above this, the supply "hiccups". It shuts down, waits, restarts, checks the output to see if the overload is still there. If so, shut down and repeat. If not, stay up.

There is no protection you can add to the primary side that will be better than that, because fuses are slow and not very accurate.