Copper Wire Issues

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ben sorenson

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Hello, I'm playing around with different high frequency, high voltage circuits and to connect everything together I am using this extra thermostat wire I have laying around, it is easy to use as it bends very nice, and I plainly have a ton of it. The circuit does not generate a ton of heat or anything but what I am noticing is that after I experiment with the device for some hours. When I go to remove the wire it is extremely brittle and just snaps. Anyone know what could cause copper to become brittle like that? Like I said, it goes on great, turns easy and is soft to begin with so im confused....any input appreciated.



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As the copper heats and cools down repeatedly it becomes tempered. my parents had a piece of romex going to a pump next to a pond the wire developed so much resistance that added with the pump the AC drop down to 60 volts