Converting Old CD Player Into Bluetooth Receiver | Need Help

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Ok, as stated i wanna convert my old CD Player into a Bluetooth receiver and i just got a BT module from Ali Express, now that BT module needs a 5v input and Audio Left, Right & Common. It could have been an easy job but the problem is that my CD Player only has an optical port. and there are no marking of any sort on PCB. I'm just brand new noob, i know nothing about electronics but i know i will do this project one way or another. So here i am, i need your help and i want to know from which IC to get 5v. and where is the Left and Right channel wires.
CD Player input is 110v. Another thing i can do is get a usb charger and take its internals out and place it somewhere inside cd player and solder it with the main wire/input. But there must be a 5v coming inside the CD payer to run the CD player motors. Second thing is that audio Left and Right channel.
Now this CD Player is part of a HiFi System its made in japan and its so complicated and PCB has no markings whatsoever.



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Ty to find a schematic for this or similar unit.
Look up data-sheets for one or more of the ICs on the board and see of the chip(s) need(s) 5 volt power, and on which pin.
But really, look for a schematic.