Converting 24V to Digital I/O

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I'm currently investigating how to approach part of a project I'm dealing with. I want to take a pos/neg wire from various 24V appliances in a vehicle, and end up with a digital signal of what's being used. This will feed via datalink to a small computer, which will then create a software instance and deal with this information in real time.

I'm a beginner with electronics as such, but I've soldered kits in the past.

However, my biggest query is, how would I take an input of a pos/neg wire from a 24V input, say, an indicator stalk, and convert this into a binary I/O situation? What components should I be looking for to make my kit?

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The most simple approach is to attenuate the 24 V down to whatever logic level is for your device (3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V) with two resistors. But we can't know if this will work without a lot of information.

What produces the 24 v signal?

When the signal is not present, is the line open or shorted to GND or something else?

What is the power source for the datalink?



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Usual way to do this is to use an opto-isolator.
Resistor R1 sets the LED current depending on the input voltage.
Resistor R2 is a pull-up for the logic (binary) output.
The opto-isolator isolates the vehicle electrics from the logic circuit.
Good job.
To me, I will plus one stage of pnp transistor, so the output logic polarity will be the same with input.