Controlling a DC motor forward then reverse when power is supplied

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I have been looking but have not found a good way to archive this control.

I have a 24 Volt DC motor that I want to control for a set time from my Z wave automation. I have a 110V to 24 volt DC power supply to operate the system

I want to use a 110 Volt Z wave appliance module to the control the motor

When power is supplied by the Z wave appliance Module for say 1 min the motor would run in forward direction as long as 110 volts is supplied by the Appliance module. When power from the Appliance model is Off the motor would stop

When power is again supplied by the appliance module the motor would run in the reverse direction as long as the appliance module is supplying power

Z wave also makes a relay which I could possibly use which is an SPST or SPDT


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This is a Latching Type Relay ....
It can keep track of the Forward / Reverse Direction between each activation.
See the 7th / bottom Thumbnail - It has Toggle Input.
Every time the Z-Wave Energizes the "controlled" AC Power Outlet you can close a dry contact and Ground the TOGGLE input.
Each time you close the R/S Input, the Latching Relay will change: FWD, then REV, then FWD, then REV ...
The DPDT contacts provide the FWD/REV circuit for your DC Motor.

So whenever the Z-Wave Energizes the "Controlled" AC Power Outlet also energize the motor.