Control Samsung TV with anything like an internal serial port?

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    Oct 18, 2016
    Hey I just registered and I hope to find some help here,

    I've got a Samsung TV from scrap yard "Samsung le26c450e1wxzg". It works fine no capacitor damage or anything else. Just I got no remote and the TV is running in DEMO Mode. sure u can control it via the built in buttons but you can't enter the 4digit code "0000" to get out of this annoying mode.
    My idea: Control the tv using a µC and an IR LED using the standard remote hex codes I found for this TV.
    BUT how to send them? I'm good in electronics, but not in programming. How are these codes sent? example: 1092 is the code to turn it on. How to send this code? in what protocol or how are these 4 digits meant? I really need some help :/
    OR is there a way to simply reset the TV to get out of this mode? I found an internal "reset" button which shortly turns off the TV. but still in demo mode..
    any suggestions? please no comments like "just get a new remote". got no money for that. Or could I just send it via RS232 port from PC and an IR diode?
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