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Hello ,
A customer wants a 3-phase contactor for his future 3-phase motor pomp . His currently contactor broke but now he has a 1-phase motor pomp and in the near future he wants to change the 1-phase pomp with a 3-phase one.
He asked me if he buys a 3-phase contactor , can he connect the 1-phase pomp to the 3-phase contactor ?


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yes. You can use one or two of the contactor channels without harming the motor or the contactor. When you need 3 phase control, just attach the third power wire to the contactor.
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Do a search on ebay for Telemecanique, they are a nice product.
You may have to review the existing overloads to see if they are suitable for the 1ph motor.
The modern electronic O/L's have a range setting.