Pump control and contactor circuit question

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I am wiring up a side by side contactor circuit for a bore pump to fill up a tank and irrigation. One circuit 240V 20A 240V-coil controls a solenoid and pump with the use of a float switch while a seperate contactor 24VAC coil 240v 20A controls the pump for the irrigation controller. My question is and please forgive my ignorance I am by no means a electrician, if both circuits are active will it cause any damage to the pump ? In my mind if both circuits are active 240V is the maximum voltage delivered but with the extra amps but I would like some clarity.


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A solenoid is usually a fairly trivial load, what kind of solenoid is it at 20Amps??
Or is this for both loads?
A little clarity on the circuit would help,
So do you have a circuit drawn up for it?

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Hey thanks for the reply, the solenoid actuated valve is 240V with 6amp holding, pump is 240V 11amp. The contactor for the tank filling circuit is a 240V coil with a miniscule holding amps and the component is rated for 20amps. Now side by side I have a irrigation controller which controls a 24VAC coil 240V contactor to start the pump .My main concern is there is a potential for two live wires (240V but from same source) to the pump to be active at the same . If it's in this state will it cause any issues or do I need a NC/NO contactor inline to stop it. I'll endeavour to draw it up.


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The following schematic (without much detail) is based on my understanding of your description of the application.


If that is correct there should be no problem.



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What I understand of the setup is that normally the float switch controls the pump contactor and also operates the solenoid valve to divert the pump to filling the stock tank, In addition, the irrigation controller operates a contactor with a 24 volt coil to run the pump but not the solenoid valve, so that the water flows for irrigation.If bot contactors are on, the pump will run but because the float switch is on the water will be diverted to filling the tank.
As long as the motor is rated for continuous operation that will be OK., no problems.
And if it is in the USA with normal power the contactors should be opening both motor feed lines..
Breaking only one side of the 240 volt feed is a poor choice.
I regard it as a very stupid choice because it leaves the motor windings at line voltage constantly.