Connecting several units of LED strip WS2812B

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Hi everyone, I want to connect an RGB LED strip around my house (WS2812B RGB 5050SMD 300leds ip67) which is an 80 meter LED strip.
I know that every 5 meters of this LED strip is 90w, the LED strip is 5v.
I can not understand how I connect the LED strip so that the whole 80 meters will work for me and not weaken as the distance passes.
I realized that there is a component called a rgb amplifier that I connect at each end of a 5m LED strip so that it amplifies me and the light does not weaken, but I could not figure out which one I connect to this type of LED strip because the informant is not from a wire 1.
If anyone can help me, or know what can be done I would love a response.
Thanks in advance.



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Every so many meters you need to feed in 5volts to the 5volt pins...but you must not intercept the serial pin.

You don't use a typical RGB amp because these strips are not typical RGB.

Do you understand how to drive these strips?


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You have two problems:

1) Power distribution is tricky with these LED strips- the resistance of the power bus on the strip causes voltage drops, you need to feed the strips at multiple places along the way.
If 5 meters is 90 watts, that's 18 Amps. your setup requires 228 Amps. Break the system into smaller zones powered by separate power units.

2) Data speed becomes a problem with that many LEDs, the refresh rate is going to be very slow with an 80-meter string, again, break it down into smaller zones.

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I want to connect the LED strips to the controller that will work, to execute commands on the LED with the help of the accountant.
The controller I use is Arduino.
Is there a way that it is possible to connect the LED strip to control that the entire LED strip will work together even though I split it?
I want to use this LED because it is possible to program each LED separately, to change its color.
Is there perhaps a way to take an RGBW LED and divide it into small sections of 30cm in length, controlling each section separately (which will apply a different color as needed) like controlling the WS2812B LED strip?


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From my experience with these addressable LEDs, it’s unlikely an Arduino will drive that many .
The Arduino sketches basically create a map in memory of the entire number of LEDs. I can’t remember the exact memory use, but each LED requires a number of bytes.
Unless your sketch is particularly small, and the Arduino memory is extremely large, you end up with the program and storage memory eventually overwriting.


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To make this work, you need multiple code engines that each output a bitstream that represents a smaller fraction of the overall array.
Each engine would drive one output IO pin, this pin would drive a smaller sub-array of LEDs.
The refresh rate can then be higher than a single IO pin could support.

This requires a more powerful computer to accomplish, the WS2812 needs a fast and precisely formatted data stream.

OR- buy a driver module designed for the purpose:


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Safety is the biggest concern here. A total of 228 Amps @ 5V is a recipe for a fire. The power supply track on LED tape makes an excellent heating element.


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I am doing a similar project, with four strings of 10m each.

I am using WS2815, which are similar, but run on 12V and are still 90W per 5m, so, only 40% of the current. And I plan to feed power from both ends and possibly the middle. I plan to to use 8 controllers that are synchronized by IR codes from a master controller.