Connecting 3 Li-po battery in series with BMS

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I have three 2000 mAh, 3.7 V Li-po battery cells.

download (5).jpeg

I want to connect these three cells in series to get 11.1 V and 2000 mah

I made 11.1 V out of three Li-ion cylinder cells before; I used a BMS.


As my project now needs a small, compact battery, I want to DIY a 3s, 11.1 V Li-po battery pack.

Can I connect the Li-po cells in series with a BMS to get 11.1 V, in the same way as with the Li-ion cells?

If yes, can I use a block adapter to recharge it?


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Yes, it will work that's what they are for , if the battery pack has a built in cut off monitor, then remove it as it may not work properly.