Connecting a 12V Computer Screen directly to a 12V Battery in my mobile home

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Hello evryone :)

so i am about to move into my RV and planning to use some electronics in there like my laptop and my additional Screen. Now i've seen that my Screen runs on 12V and 3A. So the Power Adapter converts the normal 230V we get here in Austria to 12V.

Thats what it says on the Power Adapter:
Input: 100-240V, Max. 1,2A 50-60Hz
DC Output: 12V 3A

Now i could already use the Device with my 230V Power Converter but i guess its super inefficient to convert 12Volts to 230 and then back to 12. So is there a way to directly power this screen from my 12V Battery?



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All You need is a small Aluminum-Project-Box (which also serves as a Heat-Sink),
and a "Low-Drop-Out" "LDO" Voltage-Regulator,
2-small Resistors to set the Voltage,
and 2-Capacitors.
( it may work without the Capacitors, but they are a good idea)
The Box may get quite warm, don't insulate it, or block Air-flow around it.
A 2 X 2 X 4 Box should provide enough surface area for cooling.
Bigger is better.
Resistor Calculations 1 .PNG