Connect AC power to electric motor when L1 and L2 are not specified

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the old Emerson motor I have has the two connections just labelled as "Line" for both.
One Line connection just goes into the motor.
The other has a white wire from inside the motor connected to it.
There are other various connectors that are moved depending on whether it is 115V or 230V.
The motor has a single capacitor.
I know that to run, hot or neutral to one Line or the other does not matter to the motor.
However, it may matter for the safety of the user.

So the burning question is, which Line, hot or neutral, should go to which of the Line connectors? Or, if the case is grounded does it matter?
I assume the neutral goes to the Line with the white wire going into the motor.

Should be a really simple answer to a really simple question. Information on the Net jumps past this part (which is likely covered in the installation manual, long since forgotten