Computer monitor driver circuits

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Paul Griffiths

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I wish to display to computer monitor from ram containing the pixel data, however I need help and info on this.
Any ideas?

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Paul Griffiths

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Is this RAM in a PC or in a PIC microcontroller or...?
My own processor/circuit.
I'll create the image in ram as a buffer like 3D graphics cards, also with depth buffer(not relevant to my question).

It's a project I'm creating, early days

I'm happy to use a display HDMI dev board to start with. I'll have to double buffer the image so not to slow the processing too much.

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Paul Griffiths

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As I'm creating a processing circuit in the early days ill use a slow clock so the driver board will have to be compatible to this.

I have yet to create my boot sequence, rom, ram and program loading, have created a few test ideas using simulation.

my processor is not a load registers, perform calculation & output to memory type thing.
my idea is to create an nbit processor(not 32 or 64 bit), it will cater for any size bit variables up to memory size using chunks. Also 16 bits used to hold variable size(14 bits for total chunks and 2 bits for remainder to cover the entire size as 2 bits covers the value 3 which would be the remainder if the chunks are 4 bit lengths. Though graphics currently 64 bits, have to work out fastest chunk size.) sometimes may only want a few bits for a variable. memory will be chips in lots of places as also processing cores.

Why do I want an nBit processor? The diameter if planet earth is 34 bits at 1mm accuracy and the universe is a large place. God knows what NASA are using, some sort of nBit emulation? Windows, Mac, Linux or something else? Curious. x64 when using LONG LONG 128 Bit variables emulate such, is a bit slow though probable covers the sun to Pluto. Andromeda, Milkyway...

Also my design will be what I call NPCT(never perform a calculation twice if the variables have not changed using single bits to set variable changes. Programming style is different as if you had: if (a>b) {…} and a and b have not changed then what's inside the parenthesise code will not be processed the second time around as would not be set variable changed though the non processed code may contain variables that have changed.
Yes, the entire codes on the Internet is non compatible, translators not possible. The maths is but not the logic.

Strange you may ask if I can create the above why need help with the display? Saving on a headache, and experience appreciated.

Chatting washing dishes kitchen sink dream here. Imagining SS enterprise computer technology. I think StarTrek is something like 200 years in the future...

Now, Intel, Apple... have not mentioned the technology I have been developing(not the above but does include it) competion if fierce and I would give my website project-curiosity address but the mod will delete my org.

I'm new to digital electronics though I have City & Guilds 224 Electronics Servicing Analogue distinction.

Here's something for you, my prototype GUI project: It's OpenGL based and they have moved over to Vulkan. I felt ill and Vulkan is so long programming. I created a First person shooter maze game when was 10, long long ago...

You can develope to oblivion, learning takes time. Sponge Brain..
"Competion is good" was said by a spectator. Having a technology change is not like changing Golf Clubs.

Is there something superior to Star Trek? for the benefit of the federation...
Dr Who did not need a computer, just a companion, K9.

Thinking about it, I imagine NASA us IBM Mainframes.
Personally I blame whoever created the IBM compatible BIOS and then...
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Paul Griffiths

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Interesting to get me going. I'll presume it's got a demo program to accept pixel data from dram.

I could fill it's dram with my pixels creating my needed double buffer.

In the future Ill probably wish to output 4K using displayPort however I have read it requires multiple rams for the needed speed and it's proprietary stuff so no cheap Chinese knock off chips.
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Paul Griffiths

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Though I would show a circuit, some of it I'll require, it's a set countdown enable counter rom data output circuit.
Basically you set a countdown, once it reaches zero it starts outputting data from the ROM.

I'll use similar in a few places, BIOS, variable memory transmission...

Made with Digital.
A simple simulator for digital circuits.
Written by H. Neemann in 2016-2018.
Some circuit editor/simulator are made by manufactures and their biased to there own chips... There a bit big too...

This is how it works, the clock ticks. You select clr first for reset. You set direction to reverse so the counter counts down and not up. You set the switches on the left to a binary number you wish to count down from and set using ld pin on counter. You then select enable on the counter, once it reaches zero it enables the rs flip flop and the second counter counts up giving the rom upwards addresses for the rom to output it's memory data.

I really have had enough, I downloaded "visual studio code" and noticed it caters for 500+ technologies and languages.
My platform will only be 1 language and the strictest of extensions. If you don't like that then don't buy it.
I can't handle anything else.
It's easier to create your own technology than follow others, and that's what everyone else seems to be doing, hence the 500+ technologies for visual studio code.

One day we may have 500 different computer platforms, just hoping not 500 technologies for each because 500*500 is 250,000 probably non compatible technologies lol.
Basically, build your own platform and stop dumping technologies on to people others have similarly "invented".

It may only take I a few month to complete my next generation computer, ill explain about it soonish.
Hard to program? At first, very. One day hopefully have a nice application designer editor thing because it's very hardware level orientated. I'm afraid your have to know what you are doing to get the best out of it, though may be a simple editor too for beginners.

Sounds different, may be put a tax on technology to stop reinventors. No more free stuff? Or classify technology, so the stuff gains a certificate, beginner, armature, professional...

I'm beginner/amateur.

To be honest I would rather travel a bit, sit on a few beaches, see the sights, pick a few strawberry's... I guess others have done that and want to be mega rich. The super yachts I tell you. Your nothing without a gert accessory... Mega tax these luxury items.

You may say their pass on the tax to the customers... some have no yachts.
There is a few being picked on at the mo,

Out to sea and around the corner is another world... I was only in a little poor boat...
A bit like:

Try the link below the image...

Are we really running out of resources, or do these advisers want to keep their yachts...

Travel to mars? Won't be long and be only place you can afford to live.
"Won't take long to make the little poor boat space ready..."

Anyway, back to developing, have mix a bit of rom and ram to create some data...
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Paul Griffiths

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I have to say this, it's not political, it's human.
If you want to send someone to Mars you have to travel there too, all with return tickets for every Marsan.

Seriously, the thought of humans on Mars becoming genetically incompatible is freakish.

Don't change it from, "The final frontier, to boldly go where no man has gone before" to
"The final frontier, to freakishly go and never return after".

Think we need a "SimMars" game.
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