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I do not know if anybody can help Me?

I want to know if I have the Speed that DDR Memory Runs at?

DDR1. Runs at 400 MHz?
DDR2. Runs at 400 MHz?
DDR3. Runs at 2,133 MHz?
DDR4. Runs at 3,200 MHz?
DDR5. Runs at 3,600 MHz?

Are these Right?


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The speeds the various DDR generations rate at vary, but what you have is pretty close to the average or max speeds.
DDR1: 100-400 MHz
DDR2: 400-1066 MHz
DDR3: 800-2133 MHz
DDR4: 1600-3200 MHz
DDR5: 3200-6400 MHz
DDR6: TBA officially, but some estimate it to be 4x faster than DDR4.

These speeds ignore memory overclocking, which some BIOSes and CPUs support (for instance, with AMD's XAMP overclocking algorithm built into many BIOSes, you can overclock DDR4 to 3600 MHz. It may or may not be stable). The GDDR speeds are even faster, though that's for GPUs.

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I know that Dual CH. Memory just is Say 4. Sticks of Memory.

If Your System Supports Dual CH. Memory the CPU will Read 2. Sticks at the same Time.

But if You have a Dual Memory System can You use any DDR DIMM as long as hey are the same?

Or are they Special DIMMs?