Component calculation for best circuit operation

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Hi everyone :-D! I want to ask something very important. Is there any way to calculate the parts I need to build a circuit that operates according to the standards that I did? For example I want to make an audio amplifier that operates great in 2,5V/200mA and the wattage is 500mW! I want to build it with 2 transistors AB class! And something else: do you know any website or link that show the formulas of each component? For example if I want to, find the value of a resistor I will use the ohms law. What about, capacitors, transistors, ICs, trimmers, antennas, X-Tals, inductors, LCDs (if needed, if it have any formula), potentiometers, etc! I have read every my book for electronics (I have 3 books only anyways)! So if there is something I could read then why not? I love to read and learn new things every time :-D