communication between two Arduino microcontrollers

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In this task you are required to create a two way serial communication between two Arduino microcontrollers. The first microcontroller, which should be a slave, should have two sensors. First sensor should be a temperature sensor and the second should be a light sensor. This microcontroller should accept several commands. The communication should be done over 8 bits. The first set of commands is to trigger a read on sensor. A command of 129 should select the first sensor where 130 should select the second sensor. After these commands, for the next 8 clock signals, the device should supply the requested value. The second set of commands control which units the device should supply the temperature in. Command 65 should select celcius, 66 should select fahrenheit, 67 should select raw value scaled to 8 bits. The second microcontroller will be the master device and should have and LCD. You may use built-in LiquidCrystal library to control the LCD. Every second, the master device should read temperature in celcius, fahrenheit and raw form and should read light sensor value. These values should be displayed on the LCD screen. Draw your circuit and write your program on this page


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I see you’ve posted many such tasks on Homework Help. Homework help has several requirements that make it different from other sub-forums. First, you have to show US your work. Members are not supposed to provide answers here but only provide guidance.

There have been some people (myself included) that say Homework Help is not Homework Done for You.

So, in order to get assistance on your schoolwork, please post what YOU have done to solve the problem.