Communication between RPI Zero & Arduino Nano

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Hello ,
I am asking before i will start to work on my project.
I need to use little Camera and OpenCv to detect simple obstacles , and as a results to navigate robot.
I thought to use RPI Zero for analyze the obstacle and to use Arduino Nano to operate the robot motors.
i need that all of this to be a miniature as possible.
RPI Zero can communicate with an Arduino nano ?
Someone have another idea to offer me ?


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You can use serial connection between RPI and Arduino. But be aware that RPI operates at 3.3V level and Arduino Nano operates at 5V level. That means you must use a level converter circuitry or be very careful not to use any pull-ups on Arduino side (if it operates as I2C slave).


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The most simplest solution - connect nano to rpi zero using a micro to mini usb connector, with this you can directly send commands to nano using pyserial library.