Cockroff-Walton Multiplier powered by 12V to make arc

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Kuki Muki

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I want to make the Cockroff-Walton multiplier which will be powered by 12V 5A 21kHz power supply.
I want to order components,but as i seen on the internet,nobody posted Cockroft-Walton multiplier with such low input voltage.
Would it be enough to generate arc?


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12 Volts is very low to start with.
You will need thousends of stages to have some arc.
You will create arcs when the voltage is in the kilovolt range.



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I think with a 12 volts starting voltage the sum of the forward voltage of the diodes would limit the number of stages that could be used. I think you first need to step up the 12 volt 21Khz with a transformer. There may be a chance of finding a transformer in an OLD switch mode power supply. I say old because modern switch mode power supplies will use a higher frequency than 21 Khz.