Coca cola Koolatron mini cooler Item# KWC-4 will not turn on #2

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Hi folks,
I need some help figuring out the problem with my daughters small coca cola mini cooler.
When plugged in using the 125V power cord it came with and I slide the on switch to the cold or hot position nothing happens.
The hot or cold LED light (whichever position I switch it to) will blink for light a half second and that's it, the fan will not start. It's like there is no power going to the device.
I then tried it in my truck using its 12V plug ... and it turned on immediately.
Any suggestions on what could be wrong with it?
Did you end up figuring it out? I have the same issue with my fridge and want to try and narrow it down before I start replacing parts. Thanks!

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The fridge will contain a power board which converts the 125V AC to 12V DC. The problem is with that power board, or something which stops it working. It will be a switch mode supply and they can be dangerous and a real pain to fix even if you have a schematic which I doubt you will find.

[Edit] My reccomendation would be to get a wall wart which can supply 12V at whatever current the fridge needs and use that instead of the internal supply.


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I had a Coleman cooler which stopped working. The problem turned out to be the electrolytic filter caps on the output of the power supply. Replacing them fixed the problem.