Clarification Of LM324WDT Datasheet

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Hi all, the only op amp I've used is the LM358 and have ordered some LM324WDTs for a small project and wonder if I've made a mistake. I selected the LM324WDT after filtering through Mouser and browsing many many datasheets, I read the sheet for the LM324WDT and was lead to believe the 'W' was simply enhanced ESD protection (as per datasheet), however on closer inspection it seems the 'W' series only has input voltages (Vi) between -0.3 and +0.3? Am I reading that wrong? If so I'm only out $5, not a big deal, just odd as I had the mouser filters set for up to 24v, I should have read more carefully. Attached is the datasheet, a screenshot of the table in question, and below is a link to the Mouser page.

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You are reading it wrongly. Input range is -0.3V from a low side and Vcc+0.3V from a high side. But those are the Absolute maximum ratings (not damage the part).
In a circuit (to operate correctly), your input voltage range needs to be in the range given by the Vicm -- Common-mode input voltage range from 0V to (Vcc - 1.5V).
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Are you aware that the LM358 and LM324 have a high noise level (hiss), have trouble with high level frequencies above 2kHz (due to a low slew rate) and produce crossover distortion (due to low idle current)? That is why they are never used for audio.

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Yes, the circuit it will be in is simply taking a 5v signal to 10v, it's the control signal for a lighting controller, I believe it is tone deaf! ;)


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The data sheet explains that the "W" suffix means improved input protection, which is obvious when you see the opamp circuit drawings. the "W" devices have dedicated protection diodes. AND the power supply range is very clearly given, as well.