choosing HFPERCLK I2C frequency in efr32fg14

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yef smith

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Hello ,In the github example we have the line shown bellow for working with I2C.

In the diagram of page 281 of reference manual i cant see these element in some logical pattern.
How all these clocks connect to allow us I2C functionality?

  // Enabling clock to the I2C, GPIO, LE
  CMU_ClockEnable(cmuClock_I2C0, true);
  CMU_ClockEnable(cmuClock_GPIO, true);
  CMU_ClockEnable(cmuClock_HFLE, true);

  // Starting LFXO and waiting until it is stable
  CMU_OscillatorEnable(cmuOsc_LFXO, true, true);