Choosing dielectric material in Altium PCB Designer

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I am trying to design a planar transformer in Altium. I have produced the design, and I need to isolate it to 12kV using polyimide/kapton high dielectric material. I am trying to create the layer stack-up in Altium and insert the correct mm/mil of dielectric but the library of dielectrics in Altium does not tell me what each dielectric is called, and also does not let me know the amount of voltage insulation available from each dielectric.

Is it possible to find information regarding which dielectric is which? The attached image shows the issue. I'm not sure if the best to do this is to design the individual layers on PCB and then insert the Kapton dielectric manually between the layers, but this seems excessive effort if we can define Kapton dielectric as the insulator between each planar transformer winding in Altium which can automatically include it in my PCB design.