Choosing components for a fiber bridge in an Ethernet LAN

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I want to extend internet service from one house to another, separated by 280 meters of forest. I tried unsuccessfully to connect them with wifi directional antennas, and the second house gets only weak LTE service. So now I’m considering connecting them with a fiber cable. I’ve found some equipment online that might do the job but being a networking noob I’d like to get expert advice. Please comment on using single mode simplex LC-LC cable and these transceivers and/or suggest a better approach.


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They work. They are dumb, but they work, and work well. Used quite a few different brands when fiber was less 'common' and I can't say anyone really stood out as a good, or a bad unit. They just work, and they are designed to be fairly simple and straight forward. It is pretty much your cheapest option to go as well.

Alternatives would be to use a Managed ethernet switch with SFP connectors (either side), but it may be overkill for your requirements.

You can not however use simplex cable with those media converters (you would need duplex, or two simplex cables), armored is nice but IMHO not a must have. Whether you use armored or not, the cable would still need to go into some kind of conduit to protect it against moisture.

I would personally grab a few "media converters" or transceivers, LC-LC Single Mode Duplex drop fiber (rated for outdoor use), and pull it in a 20mm conduit or something under ground.