Changing power button to a rocker switch

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I have On Camera Monitor that needs to switch on whenever the power starts flowing through the power supply, meaning that the original power button needs to be replaced with rocker switch (so its always turned in power on position) .The device has DC 12 V in and i understand the original power button only sends/provides a impulse signal when pressed and cant be just simply replaced with rocker switch? Is that even possible with a rocker switch or it needs to be modified in any other way? Please Halp !

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It really depends on the circuitry inside - It most likely can, but chances are that you are going to have to solder your switch somewhere on the PCB and mod something.

It really depends on how the on/off switch is implemented


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Depending on your skill level this might work for you: What I have done in the past is used a small pic - I used the 5V from inside the device and a (very small) pic10F.

The trick is to work out what the minimum press time is for the button push and the minimum time after power up needed to wait before pressing the button. (Trial and error)

i.e. Timing:
12V in
power up delay
Button press
Button un-press

Don't use output high or low with the pic, make the pin an input for not pressed and output for being pressed. Whether it is high or low when being an output depends on how the pushbutton's wired up.


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Not possible without a large rework and knowledge of the system circuit. That original switch is a push button type which will give input to a microcontroller software to do the functionality. Replacing that with locking switch is nearly impossible because there is software involved.


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If you hold in the existing power button and then apply power, does the monitor turn on and operate normally? (I.e.: turn on, stay on, and allow other controls to be operated as may be required)