Changing 8 MODE LEDs to constant on

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Good day. First time poster and extreme newbie to this forum and electronics. Apologize if I am asking something that has been asked before, if so please direct me to the right thread. I am working on a project using some cheap LEDs I bought on line. The LEDs are the perfect size but they have a button and can do eight different functions (Blink, chase, flash etc.) the last push results in "constant on". Whenever you unplug the lights and plug them back in, it goes back to flashing. I just want to plug them in and have then always come on—no pushing buttons no flashing lights just light when plugged in. Is there any way I can cut a circuit or desolder a wire so when I plug the LEDs in they are always on - no blinking or flashing? I opened the control box and took three pictures of the circuit board. I found a site (from Australian I think) that dealt with this issue but all advice on the circuit boards are 7 years old and mine looks nothing like what was discussed. This is a standard plug using 110AC. There are 100 LEDs in the string, 3 wires to the LEDs. The first ten LEDs have a resistor soldered to them, all the others do not. I do not know if power is converted from AC to DC so any help and advice is appreciated. Thanks and stay healthy.Circut #1.jpgCircut #2.jpgResistor.jpg


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I would try a couple jumper wires here. One at a time & see what it does. You can do it by hand just connecting those terminals. (Insulated wire) Be careful. You have 220 volts there.



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hi Crackers,
This device is not mains isolated, so it contravenes AAC's Rules.
The Thread is Closed.
Contact a local qualified electrical engineer who can repair the device.
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