Cebek I-80 (CI080) - PIR Sensor Timer/Flip-Flop Relay Module not reaching full range.

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I have a Cebek I-80 (CI080) - PIR Sensor Timer/Flip-Flop Relay Module installed in an artwork im creating. i have 6 of them connected and all working fine, except one. It is working but as it is hanging a few meters above ground, it only works till a certain range. All the other work fine when walking under them, but the last one only works if you are extremely tall (about 4,5m). Any idea why this happens? Btw the relays are incased in an aluminum casing with a little tube to limit the diameter in which it can be triggered.

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Did you change the wiring length of the PIR part?
The manual has this given:

The PIR probe will detect the movement of a person or an animal into its action field. For this reason, its efficacily is highly
depend on the probe's place and installation. In the pic. 2 you can see the detection angle and distance. Do not increase
thecable length which connect the probe and the PCB, otherwise it can provoke an error in the operating mode or a loss of
the detection distance.

Each time you supply the circuit , the probe will remain inactive during 25 sec .From this moment it will perfectly detect all
movement into its action ield, activating the relay output. The output can be configured to be used intimed or in static mode.
If you place the jumper in JP3 position, when the output is activated it will remain in this status till you reset the module. If
you place the jumper in JP2 position, the output will be activated during the selected time (between 1 and 25 sec) through
the variable resistor inserted into the PCD. At the opposite the timing will be adjusted between 3 sec. And 5 minutes if you
place the jumper in the JP1 position.

Also the detection pattern may com into play at large distances:

cebek i_80_range.png