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I have this CB Radio

If you go to the Time 4:30 it tells you about the talk back.

It tells you how to set how loud you hear your Voice out of the speaker.

If I set it and then talk into the Mic I can Hear myself out of the speaker.

Is this telling me this is how other people will Hear me?


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Just another BS feature to lure folks in to spend more money... Totally useless. Along with Roger Beep, Echo, Repeat, and all the other crap. Most CBers are more into making noise than meaningful communications.


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Hearing yourself out the local speaker is usually called "side tone" and is usually done with code sending. It does allow you to know how you sound, but for CB radio it is a fairly useless feature, unless you have an accessory that sends it's own sounds.
Not sure where Sam listens, but my more recent experience is that most use on "19" is conversation about travel speeds and traffic on the interstate highways. elsewhere may be different.
The sidetone feature in the CB realm is indeed rather useless, in fact I have never come across a CB radio that provided it ..