Casket with back camera

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There are some people who disturb others without their knowledge, taking advantage of their lack of attention from the back, so if we add a small camera to the regular hats linked to smart glasses or a mobile screen with the use of the camera application on the video mode to enable the person to see what is going on behind him, as if it provides two additional eyes from the back of the head.


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What is a casket in this context? I thought you wanted a camera in a casket people are buried in. That would be weird.

Bicyclists have used rear view mirrors that attach to glasses for a long time:

I've seen people who sat with their backs to their cubicle openings put mirrors on the frame of their monitor.

I was never bothered by people showing up at my cubicle when my back was to the door. Most would knock on a support if I didn't notice them.

I was more bothered by too much noise. I thought about making a noise cancelling circuit; a variation on the device Jim Williams designed.

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to enable the person to see what is going on behind him, as if it provides two additional eyes from the back of the head.
People have enough trouble paying attention to what's in front of them let alone behind them. Do you really want to see how compressed the growth rings are on the 2x4 that just knocked you unconscious because the bad guy wanted your glasses and your cell phone and your wallet.


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I always arranged my monitor so that the boss could see it as he passed by, because he had been complaining about some folks playing video games on company time. And I did have a set of glasses with small mirrors at the edges of the frames and that did work to allow a rear view, But it was also distracting. Those bike goggles with the mirrors on the long rods seem to be much for show, and only possibly useful for those who ride so very crouched over. If one is not racing then there is no need for that. Sit up and you don't get grit in your eyes all the time.


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The title of the thread was so misleading that it tainted my perception of the content and made it very macabre. I was picturing someone sitting in a dark room watching live stream of a dead person in a casket under the pretense of guarding against grave robbers. I had to read it a couple of times to break out of that dark thought loop.


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Ok, I see an interesting possibility of a system using only fiber optics and lenses, which would eliminate the need for the power pack. The resolution would be much less, but probably adequate for threat detection. The technical challenge would be the cost, the other big problem would be that while watching one's back not watching one's front.
So how about, instead, a smart camera with logic worn on one's back? With adequate engineering it could be done with a re-purposed smart phone.