Cascading 4017's question

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  1. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Yes, there will be a very brief positive level on power up, and then the level settles to a low. One circuit feeds all the 4017's simultaneously, they all get reset at the same time.

    If the circuit power is cycled on/off a lot it might not work as expected, but I suspect this is not the case. If you are afraid it might be the design can be tweaked, and a smaller capacitor might take care of it.

    This is the first post of mine you have responded to that I recall. You did note the several circuits with the AND diode gates I've drawn? Just curious.

    I have another old PCB I made many orbits ago I'll be modifying for multiple 4017s (as well as cleaning up the one for the single). I've recently got my home brew printed circuit board process down pat. When I have them drawn I'll tack them on the end of my 555 article.
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  2. Otaku

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    Nov 19, 2008
    The 4017's are part of a thermocouple/electrode continuity testing fixture that will be used on a medical device manufacturing line. The power will be cycled just once or twice a day, otherwise it will be on all the time. I should probably install a "Reset" button on the box that the operator presses prior to starting a test sequence.

    No, I haven't seen those circuits, but would like to take a look. Where are they posted? Thanks again!