Capacitors in series and balance resistors

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So I am a bit confused here.

Can someone help me understand caps in series from a transient perspective.
I know how to combine the values and such obviously and the equivalent capacitance.

However what is really going on here at say t = 0 when the caps are in the fully discharged state.
and we give the caps something simple like a step response

Obviously you would see the normal step response of a capacitor if it were just a single cap.
Lets call it C1 and C2 with C2 being reference to ground. The node in the middle called node 1

When you apply a voltage to C1 which is now references to C2 not ground because its in series what is going on here.
I am trying to understand the point of balance resistors

The caps from a time domain respective can not simply just act as a bulk capacitance. Since they are in series C1 delta voltage is not reference to ground but Node 1. So the response has to be governed by what the node 1 voltage is.

Can someone help me out here


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If you have the circuits that you described in your post, it would be help for members to understand what are you trying to asked and the helpers have the same target to check, not just using the imagination.