Can u guys please help ? :)

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Ryka Thomas

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Can u guys help me design a Power Bank that is controlled by a microcontroller and
also have a voltage regulator and charge regulator incorporated in the project.

And can i use my power source to charge the lithium ion battery that will be in the powerbank.

I just want to know about the circuitry and so forth .

Thanks in advace , I will be pleased to answer any questions :)


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You already have this wonderful, articulate and extremely well documented thread in this thread regarding this project.

What makes you think a new one is going to help? With how much hard work and detail you put into your project, you would think some here could give you an answer immediately. I guess everyone here just isn't smart enough to be able to help.


No need for a new thread.


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The block diagram that you provided contains no useful information to evaluate the project or to have any idea how to improve it. Why don't you answer the questions that have already been asked?
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