Can someone explain what the big deal with TI simplelink is?

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James Nolan

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So iv been trying to look into this simplelink thing from TI, it seemed interesting/caught my eye. But I cant figure out what the big deal with it is, TI has been advertising it like crazy for over a year and it just seems like a family of MCUs to me. Does anyone have some more insight on what exactly its suppose to be?


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Well, the concept is that you have the same set of APIs across a range of microcontrollers: general purpose, Wi-fi, BLE, custom RF, etc. So it is more an idea about HOW it is presented instead of a state of the art technical breakthrough.

It seems to work moderately well for the various examples that I have come across (there is a coherency on the examples and driver source files), but I did not delve into the nitty gritty details of migrating from one type of microcontroller to another.

One thing that helps me navigate these examples is what they call the resource explorer, which is online at